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An Introduction to the 2020 Toyota Sienna and the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid near Wilkes-Barre

1440 × 810This time of year is always exciting near Wilkes-Barre, PA because it’s when vehicles from a new model year start arriving at dealerships throughout the nation. In recent weeks, we’ve been thrilled to add some 2020 automobiles produced by some of the world’s most esteemed car makers to our inventory. New Toyota cars are among the vehicles you’ll see in our new car inventory, with the 2020 Toyota Sienna and the 2020 Toyota Corolla being just two of our latest additions. is offering on the latest Toyota models now!

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New Luxury SUV Models to Kick Start the School Year

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It may seem hard to believe with summer in full swing, but another school year is slated to begin soon. For many drivers located near our Wilkes-Barre, PA automotive group, that means ordering school supplies and taking the kids clothes shopping. While those things are on many to-do lists this time of year, we suggest you put something else at the top of your list—buy or lease a new luxury SUV!

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How to Describe an Automobile

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If you’re in the market for a new home, you probably have no problem telling your friends about the houses your realtor takes you to see. You’ll likely tell your listeners about the number of rooms a given home has and discuss the surrounding landscaping in picturesque detail. Why wouldn’t you share similar details about the cars that appeal to you?

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