National Brake Safety Awareness Month is Here


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Regardless of whether you decide to get a new or previously owned automobile, caring for your brakes is a must. To emphasize how important it is for drivers to pay attention to their brakes, the Car Care Council has named August “National Brake Safety Awareness Month.”

It doesn’t matter if your car is new or older, you should still have your brakes checked at least once per year. In general, it’s wise to have your brakes inspected even more often. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to have your brakes checked out by a professional every time you have your tires rotated. Doing so makes sense because your tires will be removed from your car, which will make it easy for a technician to inspect your brakes.

To learn more about the importance of having your brakes inspected during National Brake Safety Awareness Month, contact one of the MotorWorld | MileOne Autogroup dealerships or service centers now.

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